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Interview Skills Training

Doing Well In A Job Interview

I want to start this article by telling you that being prepared for a job interview is not only about being qualified or being able to answer the questions well. Yes, your qualifications are of huge importance. Knowing how to handle the questions makes a huge impact. However, the little things matter as well. It is important to be fully prepared for the day of your interview so make sure you don’t overlook the simple details.

Why You Should Send A Thank You Email

First impressions matter so much in job interviews. It just can’t be helped. Human beings tend to form assumptions the first few seconds they meet a person. This is why job seekers put a lot of effort in making a good first impression. They dress well. They greet the interviewer with confidence and enthusiasm. They prepare a memorable introduction. Doing all those things can help you make a good first impression so the rest of the interview goes well.

Using A Letter Of Interest

Have you been waiting to get called for a job interview? Being called for an interview is not always guaranteed even if you are highly qualified for the position you’ve been eyeing. This can be due to many reasons. Sometimes, there are just too many applicants for a job. If you use a job portal to apply, then there is a high possibility that it will take a while before the hiring manager sees your resume. In fact, some hiring managers do not even get to look at all the applications. Also, not all postings on job portals are active. These are just some of the reasons why you don’t get called for interviews despite having the right experience and skills.