Why You Should Send A Thank You Email

First impressions matter so much in job interviews. It just can’t be helped. Human beings tend to form assumptions the first few seconds they meet a person. This is why job seekers put a lot of effort in making a good first impression. They dress well. They greet the interviewer with confidence and enthusiasm. They prepare a memorable introduction. Doing all those things can help you make a good first impression so the rest of the interview goes well.

However, if you want to sustain the positive energy and good impression that you’ve created during the job interview, then it is best if you send a thank you email to your hiring manager. Now you might be thinking, I had an amazing interview and it ended on a good note so why do I still need to send a thank you email? There are a few reasons why. If you want to see more additional helpful tips like what are your weaknesses , head over to The Career Mastery website and gain expert advice.

First of all, it can give you an edge. Many people think that a thank you email is useless because it just gets ignored anyway. But what if it doesn’t get ignored? What if your hiring manager finds it valuable? If you had a good interview, then that’s great. But don’t just stop there. Take it up a notch and send a well-written thank you email.

Another reason to send a thank you email is courtesy. This practice should be common courtesy. It’s always good to inform the hiring manager that you appreciate his or her time. Even if the interview was not that great, the hiring manager will still see you in a positive light if you take the time to send a thank you email.

In addition to that, a thank you email is also your chance to offer something valuable to the interview. You can share an interesting report or slideshow that you found on the internet. However, make sure that it flows well in your letter. Don’t just paste in randomly at the bottom of the email. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid being too pushy or demanding. You are sending a thank you email to show appreciation, enthusiasm, and to offer something valuable. This is not the time to talk about yourself and how good you are. It is acceptable to mention that you look forward to working with them. However, be subtle. Don’t go overboard or else the hiring manager will have a negative impression of you no matter how good the interview has been. If you want to learn more you can also click for source as it gives more expert advice.

So, the next time you get interviewed for a job, don’t forget to send a thank you letter after. Work on it right away as soon as you get home. Give it a personal touch and think carefully of the kind of message that you want to communicate. It’s okay to be a little creative but always remain professional.